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Hey ya’ll!

I’m Patricia Sweeney. Learner. Do-er. Coffee drinker. Mom of three. Marketer. Life changer. Results maker.

My path begins at an offline, brick and mortar construction company I owned for more than a decade. When the economy started to decline, we had to get lean with the business and adapt to the times to stay afloat. Which is where I began discovering the fantastic world of online marketing.

It was beyond obvious that the old way of doing business was changing and if I didn’t adapt mine and my family’s financial future was barreling towards uncertainty.

So, I changed. I adapted. I learned the ins and out, tips and tricks of online marketing. I moved to Austin, Texas where I developed relationships with some of the best network marketers in the business. I learned. I applied the online marketing knowledge to my business knowledge and within a year I had built a six figure business from home.

No longer being tied to a brick and mortar business not only gives me financial freedom, but freedom of time and space. I can travel, be more involved in my three children’s lives and see unlimited choices and income ahead of me.

Now that I have freedom in finances and time I spend help other people find online business success. I possess an uncanny ability to see the holes in people’s businesses and stuff them full of cash by locating opportunity.

Biggest Accomplishment: increasing a client’s income by 400% in less than 90 days, and that’s after they were already bringing in 10K per month!

Passions: Metrics, numbers, building successful funnels and systems, leading people towards the path to success, reading, traveling, cruising, relaxing on the beach, exploring the world with my three kids and experiencing all the unique and crazy things life has to offer.

My dreams now that I’ve built a 6 figure business:

Raising fully self expressed, global citizens who are ready to make a positive impact on people they meet

Help 1,000 entrepreneurs build solid 6 figure businesses that are ready to scale beyond 7 figures

Assist moms, young women and entrepreneurs to becoming financially independent so they have the power to choose the life they wish every single day.

Thanks! You are on the list 🙂